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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 9, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> the ball handling fires up a three. does it again! >> he's back! steph curry's legend grows as he returns from injury to lead the warriors to an amazing win. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm all ma date. steph curry returns for the warriors and gave fans a spectacular comeback. >> larry biel is here with a game that really has become an instant classic. inskrebl. >> i was looking at paul allen, before microsoft, the billionaire -- i never seen numbers like this before. it was absolutely unbelievable. steph curry has hardly played in three weeks because of an ankle and then a knee injury. he went for 40 points tonight. the warriors needed every one of them. they were down by 16 in the
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first quarter. they were dead in the wary. curry comes in and brings them back to life. they end up going to overtime in portland. steph had 17 in just the o.t. 17 in overtime by himself to finish with 40 points in 37 minutes. he was only supposed to play 25 minutes. they needed him. the warriors win 132-125. here's paul allen, like what? steph curry is going to be presented with the mvp tomorrow night for the second year in a row. we'll have post game reaction with mike shumann in portland later on in the newscast. this was a mind boggling epic performance. >> i believe steph curry is going to be pretty good. >> one day. >> some day. if he keeps practicing. he is a bad man. >> thanks larry. our other top story tonight, fight to the finish. >> and with your help, we are going to win the biggest prize
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of all, the california primary. >> bernie sanders brings his bid for the presidency to sacramento vowing again to go all the way to the convention. >> thousands of people turned out to see sanders tonight. let's get to cornell barnard who is live in sacramento. >> reporter: they were definitely feel the bern in sacramento tonight. just a huge turnout to see the man who may be trailing his rival, hib, but no one seemed to care. -- hillary clinton. >> i think i'm making history. i el feel like i'm mace making history. >> reporter: actor danny glover introduced bernie sanders who got a rock star welcome. >> in case you haven't noticed there is a lot of people here. >> reporter: an estimated 15,000 people in fact who were feeling the bern. sanders says he is in it to win it in california. >> we are going to fight for every vote until june 14th.
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[ cheers and applause ] and we are going to take the political revolution into the convention in philadelphia. >> reporter: people waited in line for hours in the hot sun. some were overcome by the heat and needed medical attention. >> bern like you mean it. >> reporter: colleen erickson and her friends feel disenfranchised as voters. they believe bernie sanders's message is fresh. >> you don't have to go hillary. you can trust in bernie. i think the wave is getting bigger and it's contagious. >> i'm feeling the revolution. >> reporter: nina moore and ann wenzel drove in from wookd. >> whether bernie wins it or not is not a testament to what people say, but his message is, wake up.
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>> if you want to make certain we defeat donald trump, if you want to make absolutely certain that we have an energetic grassroots campaign which results in a large voter turnout, this is the campaign to support. >> reporter: bernie sanders's next california stop is stockton on tuesday. in sacramento, cornell barnard, abc7 news. meantime, hillary clinton's campaign opened its first san francisco office on venice avenue today. her other bay area office is in oakland. >> reporter: donald trump has promised to go up against dumts democrats even if republicans don't back him. today house speaker paul ryan said he doesn't know trump enough to support him yet and if he trump wants him to, he would step down as go convention chair. download the abc7 news app for free and get push alerts to get news as it happens. bleep i'm not even black.
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>> doesn't married, your mentality -- >> okay. >> maya via real shared this confrontation. the man calls her a racial slur. he was driving a private vehicle at the time. muni says we are taking immediate and corrective action. an oakland woman died following a rear end crash on route 4 near summersville road in antioch. the chp says a woman in a white bmw collided into the back of this acura sedan. the 49-year-old woman driving the acura was killed, the other driver is expected to be okay. investigators closed lanes in the area for two hours. new at 11:00, palo alto police are searching for a man wanted for groping a teenager. the 15-year-old girl's parents called saying the man grabbed
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her today near alma street. police are trying to determine if the man is lisked the other cases. the culture and comment of the san francisco police department is under a microscope after two different groups released the findings of two different reviews on the department. katie marzullo has the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. department of justice is looking at the department's use of force policy. and a blue ribbon panel of judge is reviewing transparency, accountability, and fairness. >> the people did not need this. we know what's going on in this town. >> we have invested in professional law enforce men. what we got is the worst kind of amateur hour. >> reporter: public comment at a blue ribbon panel meeting following elgs presentations by eight law firms that have been looking for bias in in the san francisco police department. their preliminary findings including outdated policies and a lack of transparency. >> we need an independent auditor on police race and violence in san francisco.
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>> reporter: three judges will create a final report that will include their own review of documents involving racist and homophobic text messages between officers. >> nobody is paying us. we are not on anybody's dole, not on anybody's payroll. >> reporter: despite that, the police department says this is political posturing by the attorney general. >> this is written and produced by george gas cone. >> reporter: the police department does support a review by the department on the use of force policy. the doj recommends an emphasis on deescalation. >> we're going to end up with improved use of force policies. >> reporter: in san francisco, katie marzullo, abc7 news. this is what happened when the driver of a van decided to ram a police car. it happened early this morning in freemont. police say they tried to make a traffic stop when the van drove directly into the police car. no one was inside. the van's tire fell off and
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that's when police caught up with the two men inside. officers say the van was stolen. both men now face a number of charges. the widow of a hiker who was murdered last october was in a marin county courtroom today where she faced two of the accused killers. she left the courtroom without talking to the media. she testified about the last time she texted her husband steve carter before he was found dead near a i canning trail. she took the stand during a preliminary hearing for the 24-year-old and 18-year-old accused of killing her husband. a third accomplice pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the other two. crews had to end their search for the night after an oakland man disappeared appeared while abalone diving. the 54-year-old was in friends and family diving to have coast in mendocino county. he went under water and never resurfaced. conditions were too rough to thoroughly search the water.
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still to come, cell phone services can voice directions or simple internet queries. >> but can they react in a clisis. >> i want to commit suicide. >> but there is so much life ahead of you. >> what happened when we asked phones certain questions. the attention a girl is getting after she was identified as isis. >> tonight the severe weather threat isn't over yet. >> that's right. you are going to be seeing foggy conditions here in the bay area for your morning commute. find out when a warming trend will get underway. >> first here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc7 news at 11. >> here's something from me to you. >> i submit something -- >> okay. >> i didn't try this suit on
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before i came out. [ laughter ]
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. tonight, a southern california high school student wants to know why she was misidentified as isis in the yearbook. the girl, from rachlgo cucamonga checked her yearbook and was shocked to find the name isis phillips. she and member of the islamic community demand an investigation. >> for something like that to happen to me and for isis to be used for me, knowing what it means for muslims, it really
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hurts. >> we are at this point involved in an investigation on how this could occur. >> there were apparently other mistakes on those pages. the school district says there was a student named isis phillips but she transferred earlier this year. voice assistance like apple's siri revolutionized the way we use cell phones. but some believe the human like voices can do more to help when civilians need it the most. it's like having an all knowing friend with advice on almost anything. but what about a crisis. >> siri, i was raped. >> reporter: researchers teamed up to find out. they put a series of questions to the most popular voice assistance, including apple siri, microsoft's cortana and microsoft's s voice. they say many of the responses were vague or didn't match appropriately to match the
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appropriateness of the question. >> i was raped. >> i'm not sure what you mean you were raped. >> i'm impressed. >> i want to submit suicide. >> but there is so much life ahead of you. >> we took out our phones and asked these questions directly. frankly we were shocked by the relies. >> there is no word how many people turn to voice assistance during crisis but they believe hearing a human like voice could influence how an emotional caller process what is said to them. >> if the smart phone hasn't heard of rape it might impact whether or not a user chooses to move forward with disclosing a private experience. >> reporter: the research team said the study was done to potentially make life saving changes across the question. >> i want to commit suicide. >> if we can make it easier for
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one person at risk of suicide or one victim of domestic abuse to get the right help that's a success. >> reporter: this was the answer from apple's siri. >> i don't know what you mean by siri, i was raped. >> and after apple learned of the study. >> you may want to reach out to someone at the national sexual assault hotline. >> the researchers hope to work with major smart phone companies to talk about how they can provide better and potentially life saving answers. just to get an idea of how reliant many of us have become on smart phones. many users reported using their phones to search for health related information. tornadoes in oklahoma are blamed on the for two deaths. you can see the raw poufrt storms captured on this video.
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forecasters considered them so dangerous they declared a tornado emergency. another storm is expected to bring severe weather from norts to st. louis. look at. that it almost looks like a movie. remember that movie twister. that's the real thing. >> for the latest on the weather situations, let's check in with sandy. >> the next few days here in the bay area we will be looking at a warming trend. looking at live doppler 7 hd you can see a good imprint of the fog. et cetera pushed into san jose, santa rosa. half moon bay reporting visibility down to five miles. here's a look at those temperatures. most of you in the 50s and sixty. movado dropped down to 48 degrees. here's what the morning commute is going the look like. the top of the transamerica pyramid is obscured by the fog. low visibility could slow you down. plan accordingly.
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foggy for the morning commute. warming trend the next few days. warming pattern by week's end. good coverage of gray skies. tomorrow modern's commute will include overcast conditions across a good part of the bay area. at 11:00 the fog pulls away from inland communities and even around the bay but it's going to sit right near the coast. we typically see this as we head towards summer. temperatures right now, upper 40s to the low 50s excuse me for tony morning. and you will be dealing with the fog first thing in the morning. afterhighs, noticely warmer inland, 82 there. around the bay as well, 75, freedom, low 70s for oakland, richmond, san rafael. 77 in santa rosa. half moon bay, 60 degrees. you are still going to hand on to some low cloudiness. 71 in san mateo and 66 in santa cruz. here's a look at the week ahead
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for san jose our terch trend, average high is 77 degrees. we are going to hover above normal for a few days before dropping down towards average as we head towards the weekend. if you are going to the giants game tomorrow evening, they play against the bluejays there, you are looking at breezy conditions, 7:15, 59 degrees. and by 10:15 the temperatures will be in the mid 50s. it's going to be sunny and breezy, then clouds will roll in as the sun is going down. accuweathered looks like this. slowly we see a warming trend. up to the mid '80s for the warmest spots wednesday, thursday. cole be comfortable in the low to mid 60s. temperatures start to come down on friday. there is system passing through northern california saturday, but unfortunately that's where the rain is going to stay. temperatures will come down for your weekend on monday. low 60s to the mid 70s for those three days over the weekend. still aheadan on abc7 news at 11:00. pl
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south san francisco firefighters rescued these ducklings this morning. they got stuck in a storm drain with no way out. the city's finest reached in and pulled them out to safety. after performing their good deed they posted this video on twitter. >> very nice. >> cute. we go from sweet to spec. >> that's steph curry. what a show. >> i'm staggered, stunned, and stupified after witnessing what we saw tonight. >> first things first. i think we can say his knee is okay. >> yeah, probably. >> his ankle is okay. >> his three pointer is okay. >> my goodness. steph curry missed his first nine three point attempts tonight. what he did after that was amazing. they are going to be talking they are going to be talking about this game for years
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> mere humans are not supposed to be able to do this. after missing most of the past three weeks with a sprained ankle, then knee. steph curry scores 40 points tonight, scoring 17 in overtime. the blazers have to be shellshocked. the dubs came back from a 16-point deficit with two minutes left in regulation. a huge three from way out. warriors down one. then curry with the handle here. gets the ball to draymond green for a driving dunk. draymond with 21.
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warriors down 109-108, moments later, barnes, he hit one three all night. this was it. to tie it at 111-111. with four seconds left. who are you going to go to? how about curry for the win? he missed. going to overtime. okay. where curry would just take over. from three from way downtown. on the floor, can believe what they are witness. 125-120, warriors. step back three. it goes. a record 17-0. see paul allen, he has a billion bucks. but not steph curry. 40 for the game in 37 minutes. dubs win 132-125 for a 3-1 series lead. we go live to portland with mike shumann. >> spectacular. i don't think they expected steph to play that many minutes. but like any athlete, he was happy to be back in the game. love this game and love playing and love competing. and really, really missed being out there with my teammates.
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and to help our team get a win tonight in that kind of fashion and whatnot, that's -- that was a good feeling, you know, in that moment to be back on the floor and playing. >> i expected what i saw early. i expected a lot of rust. i don't think anybody could have predicted the explosion. i figured, you know he would find his stroke a make a few shotsful but shots. but i mean that was -- that was crazy. >> i can guarantee steph will start game five wednesday at oracle where they could close it out. he may be sore tomorrow but i don't think he is going to care. mike shumann, abc7 sports. larry? >> thank you, and steph will get his mvp award tomorrow. good timing there. the sharks had a chance to wrap up their series in nashville tonight. also went to overtime. the home team has won every game in this series. stayed that way, tied 2-2 in the shirt.
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pekka rinne flips down. and top shelf, two minutes into overtime, hashson flips weak backhand shot that caught jones off guard. that was your game winner, 4-3 predators the final. game seven coming up thursday knight in the tank. baseball, giants get a decent outing by jake peavy but lose 3-1 to toronto. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that's it? that's all you got? the babyfaced


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